The Art of Linkin Park

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We’ll be talking more about the Art of Linkin Park in future posts. We are going to start by reviewing the artistic collaboration between Linkin Park and the company which was responsible for creating some of their boldest artwork. (Click the image to see more about the company). Shepard Fairey, the creator of this company […]


Linkin Park – Project Revolution 2009

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Take a poll and let Linkin Park know who you would  like to see in 2009 on the Project Revolution Tour… Chester Bennington doesn’t want any whining after the fact it seems – on his Official Blog he suggests you get involved in the process of voting for who should be on the Tour. Vote […]

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Message from Mike: Linkin Park Surpasses 4 Million On iLike

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Linkin Park became the first group to surpass 4,000,000 fans on iLike , here’s a message from Mike . Most of you probably already know iLike , the music-based social network, from your experiences on Facebook. Over the weekend, Linkin Park became the first group to surpass 4,000,000 fans on iLike. This is the largest […]


Linkin Park at Milton Keynes – Video

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On the Japanese TV channel broadcast a part of concert Linkin Park from Milton Keynes – this all video/music enters in new DVD album group which was already informed , will be realeased in the end of November . A Japanese has written down and has laid out on youtube , all parts with name […]


Projekt Revolution 2008 End of Tour – Video

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Linkin Park have posted a new video on LPTV about the end of the this year’s Projekt Revolution tour. This video, you have the possibility to see below !!!

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Help! Name Linkin Park’s new CD/DVD

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Mike has posted a message on the official site asking fans to name Linkin Park’s upcoming new live CD/DVD, it’s indeed recorded from the Milton Keynes Projekt Revolution show.


Behind the scenes of Projekt Revolution 2008

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I bet you didn’t saw this videos. It’s behind the scenes at Projekt Revolution 2008.  Hope you really like it. Enjoy!

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Another LPTV Episode

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In this episode: Brad discovers his new passion: toilletes, Chriss Cornell celebrates his birthday on stage, the bands participating in the Projekt Revolution are talking about themselves, Linkin Park and about the project itself. Enjoy!


New Linkin Park TV Episode

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Here it is !!! Tadam !!! The new Linkin Park TV Episode! Brad buys a ticket to his own band concert ? WTF ?