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We noticed one fatal flaw in our blog but not to worry, we have fixed it!  You will see on the right side we  have dedicated an area for Your Voice – this area shows the most recent comments from our readers.  As you can see it’s been very quiet, too quiet – it’s time […]


The newest single “Leave Out All The Rest” in Japan

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UPDATE: Warner Music Japan has updated their Linkin Park site with a new look and info about the "Road To Revolution " . The site will have a clip of ‘Bleed It Out ‘ and ‘Shadow Of The Day ‘ up on November 21 and December 3 respectively. Check it out! For information, thanks to […]

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The Results of competition Remix2Win

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Was arisen the results of competition Remix2Win , occured by Linkin Park together with Verizon Wireless , one of the greatest radio and the telecommunication companies in the USA. How you know, the main task of participants was to create the best remix from two Linkin Park songs, thus at their order was vocal and […]

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What I’ve Drummed

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IGN has posted video of gameplay from Guitar Hero World Tour featuring Linkin Park’s "What I’ve Done", which should put to rest the confusion about what song will be included on the game’s setlist. You can watch the gameplay video below , and then remark about how bad the vocals are.

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Linkin Park – Sweet child of mine (Guns’n'Roses cover)

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We have seen the guys rocking worldwide at concerts, but I don’t remember them acting like this. What happened? Mike and Chester really wanted to act like Guns’n’Roses. Some of you might think that they overdid it. Sexy wigs they have! Just watch the video.