Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield — Barack Your World!

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Mike Shinoda doesn’t cease to be the hero of our latest news. You for certain remember that before Chester Bennington has joined group, his place was occupied by Mike Shinoda ‘s friend — Mark Wakefield . Then the group was called Xero . It was in 1997 year .  

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Xero – Fuse lyrics

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Of course you know what a fuse is… It’s a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder When you strike a match and light it It burns, fitfully, spiraling to it’s end At which there is, a little surprize

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Xero – Rhinestone lyrics

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From the top to the bottom Bottom to top I stop At the core of the rotton Stop and just what I thought The sun has escaped us So I’m bright in the sky And I’m far from rapist Look at why did try (2x)

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Xero – Stick ‘n’ Move lyrics

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This is how it’s done going for the title and crown Renowned MC’s surround as the beat breaks down In 2 elements clobbin’ up those took the best of us, The M-I see the way it ought to be finessed

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