The message from Mike – work on new album Linkin Park

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In Mike Shinoda’s blog there was one more interesting message in which Mike speaks about work on new Linkin Park album :

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Interview with Joe and Phoenix on The Voice

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I want to show you a video interview from The Voice, with Joe and Phoenix when Linkin Park were in Finland this June. Maybe is not something new, but every second with our favorite band it’s interesting.

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Interview of Chester and Joe on red path VMA 2008

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And one more small interview of Chester and Joe which they have given during solemn pass on a red path on VMA 2008. This time guy’s answer a question: “On what new Linkin Park album, will be similar?” Joe: “It will be remarkable multimedia record”. Chester: “And we will create a new drug! It will […]

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Interview of Chester and Joe on rehearsal of VMA

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On site My Space Celebrity has appeared a ridiculous interview with Chester and Jow, which they have given during rehearsal on MTV Video Music Awards this year. The guy’s joke about top-tracks on their IPOD’s, but if truly… only Joe spoke. Chester has shirked a question and has declared that he doesn’t love music, but […]

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And the winners are!

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Maybe Linkin Park din not win in the best direction video or in the special effects categories … but the guys won in the BEST ROCK VIDEO at MTV Video Music Awards 2008 with their "Shadow of the day" ! Hurrrraaaaaaaaay! I’ll drink to that! Cheers! See the video from the moment when Joe and […]

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