NEW CD – Linkin Park “Songs From The Underground”

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From LPU Newsletter : "Crawling" Live (featuring Chris Cornell ) is now available for download as an exclusive perk of the LPU ! We wanted current LPU members to be the FIRST to get access to this download so visit the "Free Audio" section at www.lpunderground.com/downloads . As promised, we’re giving LPU members the first […]

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Update from Linkin Park Underground

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Songs From The Underground is an official collection of favorites previously only released through the LPU . This CD which will only be available at select Best Buy locations features 8 songs including never before released versions of “Hunger Strike ” (Live from Projekt Revolution 2008) – Chris Cornell featuring Chester Bennington and “My December […]

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Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington – Hunger Strike

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Hey Guys, I just wanted to tell you about the existance of an "older" man with an incredible voice voice. His name is Chris Cornell. He has his own part of popularity, because he participated next to Linkin Park in Projekt Revolution. Chester Bennington, gives a big respect to this man, and sometimes they sing […]

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