Linkin Park – High Voltage remix lyrics

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You know what I mean You could put a label on a life, Put a label on a lifestyle Sometimes… You know Put a label on how you wake up every morning And go to bed at night

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Linkin Park – High Voltage

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Looking for lyrics on this song? They are here: Linkin Park – High Voltage Lyrics

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Linkin Park – High Voltage Lyrics (Hybrid Theory EP Album)

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Just do something to tell you who I am, ya know? It’s high voltage you can’t shake the shock Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out (4x) I’ve been taking into crates ever since I was livin’ in space Before the rat-race, before monkeys had human traits Mastered numerology and big-bang theology Preformed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology Invented the mic so I start blessin’ it And chin-checkin’ […]

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