Vote for “Linkin Park – Given Up” at Fuse’s Best Video of 2008 nomination

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Linkin Park’s video for “Given Up” has been nominated for Fuse’s Best Video of 2008 ! You can help the guys to win the battle through voting here . YES!!! We can help them to be the NR. 1 !!! Be sure to vote each week and tune in to “The Top 40 of 2008 […]

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Linkin Park – Fuse

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Looking for lyrics on this song? They are here: Xero – Fuse lyrics

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Xero – Fuse lyrics

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Of course you know what a fuse is… It’s a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder When you strike a match and light it It burns, fitfully, spiraling to it’s end At which there is, a little surprize

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