News from Mike’s blog about LPU8 CD and about Chester’s health

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Mike , in his blog , continues to answer the questions exciting fans. This time he denies the hearing that the songs which have not entered into concert DVD/CD Road To Revolution , will be on disk LPU8 : No, the leftover live songs won’t be the new LPU CD . We heard your comments […]

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Download Linkin Park Avatars

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I have something special for you today. Do you want to show everyone that you like Linkin Park songs, and you are an LP fan? Then, you need to download next archive with a lot of avatars! Everybody from your Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, ICQ list will see that you really enjoy LP music.

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God bless you, Chester!

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On Mike’s blog , there is a video posted. It’s about a guy/gay (call him however you like) that sings or at least he tries to sing Linkin Park’s "Numb". Here is the video + subtitles to understand the crap that he sings at Indonesian Idol. He sucks! More than I do! P.S.: God bless […]

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