The Young & The Hopeless – Mr. Hahn Remix

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November, 25th will get out the newest CD of the group Good Charlotte (we wrote earlier in news ), called "The Greatest Remixes" . This CD also will have a track "Young and Hopeless " made by Joe Hahn . Right now you have the possibility to listen / download this song from your favorite […]

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Linkin Park Wallpapers ! Part 4 …

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Now, we can continue with wallpapers !!! For everybody from everywhere !!! If you don’t find some interesting wallpapers in Part 1 , Part 2 or Part 3 … then you need to download the next archive. This is for YOU Maybe after this post, you’ll wait our next part. Enjoy!

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Download Linkin Park Avatars

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I have something special for you today. Do you want to show everyone that you like Linkin Park songs, and you are an LP fan? Then, you need to download next archive with a lot of avatars! Everybody from your Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, ICQ list will see that you really enjoy LP music.

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Download Linkin Park Winamp Skins

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Dudes and dudettes… I mean dear visitors of our blog. If by any chance you are a winamp user, then I guess you should have a look at our winamp skins.

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Linkin Park Wallpapers ! Part 3 …

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Right here and right now, you can download the new part of the Linkin Park wallpapers. Got bored of your desktop? Just select something you like from below!

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Linkin Park Wallpapers ! Part 2 …

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Dudes and dudetes! We continue our wallpaper series. No comment more. Just click the download link and change that desktop of yours with the best Linkin Park wallpapers.

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