NEW CD – Linkin Park “Songs From The Underground”

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From LPU Newsletter : "Crawling" Live (featuring Chris Cornell ) is now available for download as an exclusive perk of the LPU ! We wanted current LPU members to be the FIRST to get access to this download so visit the "Free Audio" section at www.lpunderground.com/downloads . As promised, we’re giving LPU members the first […]

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The Results of competition Remix2Win

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Was arisen the results of competition Remix2Win , occured by Linkin Park together with Verizon Wireless , one of the greatest radio and the telecommunication companies in the USA. How you know, the main task of participants was to create the best remix from two Linkin Park songs, thus at their order was vocal and […]

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Linkin Park – Crawling Video

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Linkin Park – Crawling

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Looking for lyrics on this song? They are here: Linkin Park – Crawling Lyrics

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Linkin Park – Crawling Lyrics (Hybrid Theory Album)

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Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real

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