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Another LP interview, and especial from Phoenix for SMNnews where he talks about the plans of the band, the next tours, the new album "Road to Revolution ", his name preference, beard and more, including another squash of the Timbaland rumor.  Next you can read the full article ;)  

SMN: Fun. Enjoying your time off?
Phoenix: Absoutely. We toured through mid-September in the US, so we’ve just been taking some time off, and come November we’ll be back working on the new record. I’m enjoying being home, kicking back and just doing some promotion for the Road to Revolution CD/DVD.

SMN: In terms of your writing for the new album do you have a preference for how you want to sit down and get it hammered out?
Phoenix: Well, we are done writing at this point. We had a little break in the summer, like 6 weeks at home where we started working on it a lot. We are just waiting to get back in the studio now to begin writing some more and begin recording, there’s still a lot of work to do. Our fans know we are slow writers, but we hope to have less of a layoff with this album.

SMN: Do you have a producer in mind?
Phoenix: For now, we’ll just have Mike produce it. Potentially other people, but at this stage up it is up in the air.

SMN: What about Timbaland?
Phoenix: He is not on the radar.

SMN: That also makes sense…so, Milton Keynes…fantastic venue, fantastic crowds – why there for the DVD?
Phoenix: We knew going in to the show we were recording it, we knew it was gonna be a special show for us and we figured it would be something we really like the rest of the world to see. Having seen the footage and the largest Project Revolution show abroad, it made sense to edit it and put it out. We always have our own video guy, Mark, who does our internet stuff and website video editing and capturing – we have him film it all. For Milton Keynes, we had a full crew, and a full on shoot.

SMN: Right on. Any nifty behind the scenes DVD easter eggs you can tell me about?
Phoenix: There’s surprises in there. At his point there’s a ton of stuff to still be put together. We haven’t figured what’s included yet. The best way to keep up to date on that, is linkinpark.com – that’s gonna have up to the minute info.

SMN: Touring: tell me more – US/UK, what’s the plans? More festival type gigs, smaller venues, what’s what?
Phoenix: Right now, we finished in the September. The touring cycle ended for Minutes to Midnight, and there’s literally not one show on the calendar. We are purely back in the studio and are going to write and focus on the new record. Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised, next summer we’ll do some shows and if we were to do that, it would be Europe.

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