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Mike Shinoda While on tour, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park works on a new tracks. We can´t be entirely sure if these are for a new album (according to Rolling Stone, band has already starting working on one), however, wherever he goes, he carries a small hard disc with unfinished tracks on it, and visits numerous studios. For one day, he stopped by in czech Sono studio. „In my opinion, he´s chosen us because of our equipment, which is of comparable quality with studios in London, and because of our list of happy clients, including David Bowie, or Glen Hansard,“ says Karolína Kalandrová, Sono´s executive producer. „I already know he´s chosen us from a list of studios, including those in Italy, Germany and Austria.“ He was mainly interested in old keyboards and other „antique“ instruments, beacuse he intended to look for some unique sound.
„He was really nice, almost boyishly playful, and ran around the room with headphones, desiring to try every instrument,“ describes Kalandrová the impression Mike gave her. „He did not behave as some Diva, but as a professional musician.“ Only his producer attended him in the studio, all other stuff was taken care of by „locals“ Milan Cimfe and Pavel Karlík.

„Apart from looking for a unique sounds he could use in currently incomplete tracks, he started to record one new song,“ says Karlík about Shinoda´s business in Prague. „I was really surprised when I found out he records everything on his own, and by his producing skills with ProTools. He really liked the sound of our drums and he could not believe they sound this way, though I did not use any special effects.“ Besides drumming and singing, Shinoda was mainly interested in keyboards. He recorded all keyboard samples he could, so that he can use them on a new record. „Especially one really old keyboard swept him from his feet, and we literally had to drive him off, because otherwise he´d miss the plane.“

Karlík was really engrossed by the way Shinoda used all the old sounds in new tracks. „He handled acoustic instruments electronically, and it´s been really interesting to watch him do that. That´s definitely not the conventional way of recording,“ says producer and adds that everything Shinoda has recorded was really different from the current Linkin Park sound. „Of course, with the exception of one complete track recorded here, everything is still unfinished – who knows what is he going to do with this material.“ Shinoda was also thrilled by „tubular bells“ – basically giant pipes, hanging from the framework, which can produce a really beautiful melody.“

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