Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield — Barack Your World!

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Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield - Barack Your Worl Mike Shinoda doesn’t cease to be the hero of our latest news. You for certain remember that before Chester Bennington has joined group, his place was occupied by Mike Shinoda ‘s friend — Mark Wakefield . Then the group was called Xero . It was in 1997 year .  

Keep to the point. The day before yesterday, on October, 19th , on site YouTube "a certain unknown person" has created the official channel of newly group White Pegacorn on which has placed video on a song of this group named "Barack Your World ". This "anonymous author" is our Mike Shinoda . Why? Because this song even has official site BarackYourWorld.org , guess on whose name this domain is registered? Certainly, on Mike Shinoda ! Also, this fact was confirmed by Pooch — the guy who is engaged for audio mix for Linkin Park (by the way, he mixed the sound for new CD/DVD Linkin Park: Road To Revolution ).

So, Mike and Mark again burn like in student’s years. Post-Xero ‘s group "White Pegacorn " in the front with Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield has composed a mega-song – "Barack Your World ", full of trite humour and sarcasm. Video of this track also is thery HOT !!!

Mike wrote in White Pegacorn’ s profile on YouTube :

Structure :      Rick Pegacorn: Vocal
Ripper: Guitar / Vocal
Dante Danger: Bass guitar
Deathwish: The shock

Interests :  Kickin’ ass, drinkin’ Jack Daniels, gettin’ chicks.

Below, you have the chance to listen music and to see the video !!!

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