Linkin Park’s ‘New Divide’

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New Divide or New Horizon?
After lying low for almost 2 years, Linkin Park are back with quite an impact – their new song, “New Divide” is featured as a theme song in one of this summer’s most anticipated movies – the Transformer’s sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. The movie will be in theaters on June 24, 2009.  The single is already available for purchase on iTunes.

“New Divide” has made history by being just the 3rd record in history to debut in the Top 10 on the American Billboard Hot 100 Chart & Modern Rock Chart simultaneously.  Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” also enjoyed similar success.  The track is “built on layered, heavy synths and a sharp performance by Mr. Bourdon.” It also creates “a nice interplay between the organic feel of the rhythm track and the more robotic feel of the keyboards.”

Mike Shinoda recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Linkin Park’s brand new single.

I feel like “New Divide” is the beginning of a new phase for our band. We’re hoping to release things a little bit more often. We’re hoping to have Chester’s solo album, which will be under the project title of Dead By Sunrise, out by the end of this year. And we’ll have a new Linkin Park record out next year.

Creating The Song
Linkin Park give a small glimpse into the creating of the song “New Divide” in the video below, as they collaborate on creating the track.

Making the Video
Directed by the band’s own DJ, Joe Hahn, the video for “New Divide” will depict Linkin Park band members being  ‘yanked around by unseen forces and out of control’.  Images of the band members were captured as they performed for the production of the video, in which they literally fly around the set with slings on their backs.

As the on-set footage of the music video reveals (see clip below), the concept of the video is quite unique with regard to the distinct interpretive methods Joe Hahn has employed. According to Mike Shinoda “[Joe] is planning on using a lot of really interesting cutting-edge visual techniques, blurring the line between our performance and some kind of digital/mechanical reality.” Chester Bennington puts it more simply, describing the experience as being “in a tomb rocking out and there’s a huge dead Transformer.”




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