Linkin Park new DVD/CD Title: Vote Now!

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On official site Linkin Park there was a new message which contain, this time, names of new CD/DVD Linkin Park with a concert in Milton Keynes , UK about what it was written earlier in news

“Thanks for your offers of names of new concert DVD/CD ! We have watched all yours variants and have chosen some, which were pleasant to us most of all. Now you vote for that name which is pleasant to you. The request is: to vote only once that all was frankly . It is interesting to us to learn, what names do you like more. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the name which will win the first place, and becomes the official name DVD … but we will try! Thanks for your help! – Linkin Park

Variants of names:
* Linkin Park: Midnight In Milton Keynes
* Sunset Revolution: Linkin Park Live In The UK
* Road To Revolution: Linkin Park Live
* Revolution In The Iron City: Linkin Park Live
* Revolution in the UK: Linkin Park Live

As Mike Shinoda in the blog says, we have on voting only one day, therefore we hasten to vote here .

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