Interview with Mike and Valerie Cossio on X-treme Radio

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X-treme Radio has an interview with Mike where he talked about Chester’s injury and the cancellation of the Las Vegas and China shows and the Remix2Win with Linkin Park contest. You have the possibility to listen it below. Contest winner Valerie Cossio was also on the line, you can hear her winning remix here .

“We still plainly have not understood how happens with him. Chester simply was at home, he didn’t do any sharp movements, and unexpected the back has refused. The pain was so strong that he could’t nor stand. Then Chester on a stretcher have taken away in a hospital where the doctors have told that he cannot sing some time. We very much wished to finish the tournament by a concert in Las Vegas and charitable tour in China for Music For Relief , but, unfortunately, these concerts should be cancelled. Now we work over the new schedule, we wish to spend nevertheless the show for students UNLV . Some complexities have arisen with concerts in China and Taiwan , but we hope to settle all questions as soon as possible”.

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