How Linkin Park celebrated HALLOWEEN

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On the Radio 93X Rocks website is talking about how some rock bands celebrate halloween . Among them is LP also. Every year they celebrate at Mike’s house with a party, but this year they celebrated in a  special mode:

LINKIN PARK usually spend their Halloween at a party at MIKE SHINODA’s house. Unfortunately, this year the band are so busy working on a new record, Shinoda says he didn’t have time to plan a party. But looking back on past years, his favorite memory was JOE HAHN and three friends dressing as North Korean dictator KIM JONG IL , U.S. President GEORGE W. BUSH , and a pair of nuclear missiles.

But Shinoda says Hahn didn’t leave it at that — quote, "As the night wore on, "we started finding like Kim [Jong Il] posters around the house. He was literally putting propaganda up in my house."

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