Photos & text from Blog World and New Media Expo Conference with Mike Shinoda

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Mike Shinoda Yesterday took place the conference initiated by Blog World and New Media Expo, where Mike Shinoda appeared as main guest, next to Tim Ferriss and Rohit Bhargava.
Pictures and questions inside the article. Enjoy!

Question: How appear the name of Linkin Park?

Mike: It’s not a park in Chicago, no. We have changed some letters to make the site, after all it is very important to have the domain on the Internet. If you cannot register the group on the Internet, change the group name on something.com . Under any circumstances it is necessary for you.com.

Question: How to not become a loser in a blogging world?

Mike Shinoda Mike: Losers feels the biggest pressure and don’t believe that this pressure can be an advantage. It is necessary to develop the brand in the necessary direction. Be sincere, publish that you consider present and interesting. If the reader comes on your blog and feels a constancy, confidence that you offer it then you will construct the whole community of fans.

Question from Karmic Marketing:
What to do, if the goods bought on a blog, return back?

Mike: the Buyer don’t belong to you. You can receive the best result if will involve in a cooperation other sites and to work with the general buyers. In a work there should be a certain structure of management.

Question: By what principle you work in your blogs?

Ferriss: The Main thing, is to find itself somewhere in between the loser and the managing director. If you frankly discuss your opinion … you should speak with your readers the same as you speak with your friends. Tell them not what they wish to hear, but what they need to hear. Of course, it is difficult to not offend opinion of someone.

Mike: The Main thing is to feel in your own plate and to be assured of each step on this way.

Photos via MikeShinoda.com

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