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Linkin Park’s Shanghai concert

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Mike and Chester talk to Shanghai Daily about Linkin Park’s Music For Relief concert in Shanghai next month.

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The Results of competition Remix2Win

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Was arisen the results of competition Remix2Win , occured by Linkin Park together with Verizon Wireless , one of the greatest radio and the telecommunication companies in the USA. How you know, the main task of participants was to create the best remix from two Linkin Park songs, thus at their order was vocal and […]

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Mike’s collaboration with Jeff McMillan

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In his blog , Mike writted about Jeff McMillan’s art exhibition which will take place on September, the 27th in Joe’s SURU shop. It seems that Mike also made the efforts to this exhibition, drawing together with Jeff a picture. “Jeff has drawn background and a cock, and I have created the cyber-toothed monster”.

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Behind the scenes of Projekt Revolution 2008

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I bet you didn’t saw this videos. It’s behind the scenes at Projekt Revolution 2008.  Hope you really like it. Enjoy!

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Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington – Hunger Strike

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Hey Guys, I just wanted to tell you about the existance of an "older" man with an incredible voice voice. His name is Chris Cornell. He has his own part of popularity, because he participated next to Linkin Park in Projekt Revolution. Chester Bennington, gives a big respect to this man, and sometimes they sing […]

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Interview with Chester and Rob on

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On, there was an interview with Chester and Rob. It’s a two part video. In the first part, Chester tells the interesting story about nearly getting arrested in Australia, because he transported the footwear for golf uncleaned. The second part is about the boys speaking about "Given Up" was created. Grab some popcorn and […]

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Download Linkin Park Winamp Skins

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Dudes and dudettes… I mean dear visitors of our blog. If by any chance you are a winamp user, then I guess you should have a look at our winamp skins.

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Photos & text from Blog World and New Media Expo Conference with Mike Shinoda

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Yesterday took place the conference initiated by Blog World and New Media Expo, where Mike Shinoda appeared as main guest, next to Tim Ferriss and Rohit Bhargava. Pictures and questions inside the article. Enjoy!

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Linkin Park will appear in game Guitar Hero World Tour

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The Activision Blizzard Company declared the full list of songs which will appear in the fourth version of musical game "Guitar Hero World Tour" for PlayStation 3 in which players will feel rock stars, playing covers of popular songs and creating own. This time, the players will have the possibility to estimate the forces in […]

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Interview of Chester and Joe on red path VMA 2008

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And one more small interview of Chester and Joe which they have given during solemn pass on a red path on VMA 2008. This time guy’s answer a question: “On what new Linkin Park album, will be similar?” Joe: “It will be remarkable multimedia record”. Chester: “And we will create a new drug! It will […]

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